Our Journey

Having fun in the sun

It was a cold March morning. I was standing in a yard stretching my legs after a long journey in a transit van to deliver a race bike bound for Almeria in Spain. The bike belonged to my husband Chris, a dedicated track rider and all round motorbike fan.

Bubble wrap and blankets

Looking around me l saw lots of expensive, cared for performance bikes. I saw riders covering their pride and joy with blankets, bubble wrap, foam and other protection materials they’d managed to obtain. And they were getting through a few reels of tape just to secure it in place. At that moment I was totally inspired by the dedication of these motorcycle owners attempting to protect their motorbikes in transit to Spain.

I had an idea

My idea was to invent the first manoeuvrable, protective, waterproof motorcycle cover; each rider would be able to add bespoke branding. What a fun fashion statement about an individual! I bought 6 metres of material and set to creating the prototype. I then cut the pattern out of my grandchildren’s roll of Ikea drawing paper and in no time I had the first prototype cut and pinned together on the bike. Even in this early stage it looked brilliant and I was excited about developing the idea.

The Bike Blanket

Once finished, I was so pleased with the end result. I imagined this single layer of fabric becoming a manoeuvrable, protective waterproof motorbike cover. So I contacted a design company and sent them a presentation about my idea… they responded.

This was the beginning of my journey, an exciting one at that.

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