Maintain Your Cover

1. Outer layer

The outer waterproof layer can be sponged down to retain that new look. Use warm soapy water only. Do not use any chemical solutions to clean your Bike Blanket.

4. Do not machine wash

The Bike Blanket is not designed to be machine washed this could reduce the waterproof protection to the outer layer of this product.

2. Hang or fold

The Blanket Bike has straps to allow you to hang it up alternatively the Bike Blanket can be folded up for storage purposes.

5. Dust & grit

The Bike Blanket if placed in position on the motorcycle can be hovered with a soft brush attachment to remove dust and grit particles.

3. Repairs

In the unfortunate event of damage to your Bike Blanket repairs can be organised through The Bike Blanket.

6. Cooling

Never put your Bike Blanket on a hot motorcycle. Allow the bike to cool before positioning your Bike Blanket.

We would like you to be pleased with your new Bike Blanket, following the care instructions and guidance above will provide you with a lasting quality product. We will accept no responsibility for damage to Bike Blankets not maintained in accordance with the above care instructions.

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