The Bike Blanket has been designed with the total weight of the product being constantly under review, for the purpose of carrying and fitting. Testing has been carried out for the fitting of the Blanket at every stage of manufacturing and is achieved in four easy steps.

1: Front Fairing

Place the front of the Blanket over the front fairing.

2: Cuffs

Fed the cuffs into the handle bars, they will rest comfortably round the end of the bar and levers.

3: Tail Fairing

Drop the Blanket over the seat and on to the tail fairing where the Blanket will rest on the rear of the Bike.

4: Belly Strap

Wrap the adjustable underside around the bike, connect the Velcro face securing the Blanket. The adjustable velcro is very durable and provides a secure fit.

5: Belly Strap

The Bike Blanket can be left on the bike and the side stand used if you have purchased a blanket with the side stand option.

6: Anchor Fixings

There two types of anchor fixing facilities available on the Bike Blanket. On each side of the Blanket.

7: Ratchet Straps

One type is when the bike is fixed down either side using ratchet straps, the strap passes through on side panel handle, across the seat and down through the second handle and the bike can be secured by the tightening of the ratchet strap.

8 Foot Pegs

The other type, is where an opening can be found on either side of The Bike Blanket very close to the foot pegs. The ratchet strap is passed through the opening on the side of The Bike Blanket, it can then be fed through the opening and around the bikes frame work and back down to the anchor points on the transportation facility. The straps can then be placed temporarily through the side panel handles on each side of the bike, preventing the strap from dragging on the floor or causing a trip hazard, whilst the bike is placed into its loading position. The ratchet straps can now be threaded through the eyelet fixing mounts and the bike can now be securely strapped down, ready to be transported to its destination.

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