From the date of my order when can l expect delivery?

Your completed order will go direct to our manufacturer if you have purchased a DSP, if you have purchased a one colour or two tone, and we have stock your order will be sent out the next working day. If your blanket has to be made on completion of production the blanket will be sent direct to your home address. The time scales from order to delivery is within 4 weeks @ 20 working days. The cost to ship your Bike Blanket is included in the purchase price. The delivery will require a signature so you can be assured you will receive the delivery safety. If you have ordered a DSP Bike Blanket this will take longer, this is due to you providing your branding requirements and art work to the manufacturer. Once the manufacturer has confirmed to you your artwork requirements and you are happy with the finished design your Bike Blanket will go into production.

What if l damage my Bike Blanket?

Don’t worry if the unforeseeable happens please contact The Bike Blanket direct (numbers are on the web site ) and we will endeavour to repair your Blanket .

If l mark my Bike Blanket how do l clean it?

Instructions on how to maintain your Bike Blanket can be found here: Maintain your cover

How many Bike Blanket styles are available?

At present three styles are available to buy, we are working on new designs and will accommodate as many styles as requested by our customers.

Once l have received my Bike Blanket can l change my mind and have some artwork added?

If you have purchased the DSP blanket you can return your Bike Blanket and have artwork added, but it would be costly and it would be more economical if you ensure all artwork is added during production.

Is there a correct way to store my Bike Blanket?

The best way to store a Bike Blanket is on the bike, if you choose not to you can fold the Blanket in two and hang it up on a hook using the front and rear handles on your Bike Blanket or you can store it in the bag  provided with your purchase the blanket is designed to be stored and storing  will have no effect on the look or durability .When you first remove your blanket from the bag you will notice so creasing this will drop out once the blanket is fitted and aired.

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